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DESERI | Brand Story

Born from a lifelong love of fashion, DESERI was created to introduce the luxury handbag lifestyle so many deserve, black woman owned, at a reasonable price point. Globally inspired, DESERI is set to take the world by storm with a premium line of signature handbags that are timelessly
elegant and undeniably of-the-moment.

From business boardrooms to fun weekends, every DESERI handbag is designed to make women feel their best – because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, anything is possible.

It all started with a handbag.

From the moment founder, Deseri Kelley, received her first designer purse as a gift at the age of 9, she was enamored with high-quality. She began planning her outfits around her growing collection of bags, eliciting the admiration of both friends and strangers. Following a fruitful career in education and leadership, the time was ripe to fulfill her dream of creating a premium line of signature handbags. Years later, Deseri Kelley has produced a thriving brand that embodies her own effervescence and genuine passion for fashion, which translates into an accessible luxury brand that inspires connection across the globe.

DESERI is imbued with the sensibilities of European style.

A close-up experience of the fashion scene during her four years living in Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France educated her in the design decisions behind every piece the brand produces. Handmade in Spain with carefully selected local and Italian leathers, the superior aesthetic of European fabrics underpins the line's inspiration, offering a level of quality that is immediately apparent. Established with a distinctive personal style, a global standard of design and production informs every piece DESERI brings to the market.

Offering a statement piece for every occasion.

Every DESERI handbag is designed with a threefold impact in mind: unmatched versatility, unapologetic confidence, and unmistakable style. The Paris in Pink provides a pop of color to the bold and vibrant dresser, while the signature DESERI's structured silhouette offers a timeless look with just enough edge to fill wearers with unshakeable confidence. With an eye for detail and an unrivaled commitment to quality, DESERI handbags offer interchangeable straps, striking color options, and meticulous craftsmanship that provides both security and style. In this way, the pioneering line is created to reclaim and elevate the myriad of spaces occupied by modern women.

A brand with connection at its core.

Deseri's vision is to make premium quality design, and the confidence that comes with it, accessible to all women. An entrepreneur with a global perspective, Deseri's ambitions for the brand extend to imparting a message of hope, possibility, and connection. From the women who wear the brand to the artisans who help bring its ambitious vision to life, connection is at DESERI's core.

Handbags are just the beginning.

In keeping with the bold, trend-setting principles that inform its flagship offering, DESERI envisions an expanded accessory and clothing line. The brand's future is paved with practicality, striking modernity, and a commitment to upholding exceptional standards of quality, all while remaining accessible to women everywhere, and inspiring them to step into their confidence and celebrate their individuality.