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The Art of DESERI

DESERI presents a line of signature handbags that are at once timelessly elegant and undeniably of-the-moment. The designers and technicians work together to develop stylish and versatile designs. The designs are then sent to Spain where skilled artisans carefully select local and Italian leathers. Each piece is intended as a work of art that reflects the skill of the artisan and the eye of the designer.

Handmade from the finest leathers, the designs are brought to life. The signature DESERI style is encapsulated with the gold fox head or the fabled DD logo. Every DESERI handbag is designed with a threefold impact in mind: unmatched versatility, unapologetic confidence, and unmistakable style. The future of this brand is a commitment to upholding exceptional standards of quality, all while remaining accessible to women everywhere, and inspiring them to step into their confidence and celebrate their individuality.